Nose Work

Nose Work (Any Age) – Drop in Session 1.5 Hours ($30.00 per session)

Give your dog a job and have fun while doing it!

Nose work is a wonderful and easy dog sport that you can do with your dog that utilizes their natural instincts to sniff things out. We start with getting your dog to find a reward (yummy treats) and then we pair it with odour (essential oil). Then we challenge them to search for it in different environments. This will tire your dog out mentally and is very easy to practice at home. There are many competitions around the city that you can enter as well once your dog is imprinted on different odours and you can get ribbons and enjoy a supportive community of people that love to do the same thing with their dog. Please let me know if you are interested in these drop in sessions and I will contact you when the next date is available.

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