Basic Training

Basic (6 Months and Up) – Drop in Session 1 Hour ($30.00 per session)

Now that we have your dog’s foundation strong, let’s build it up with more challenging obedience and an even better bond.

In these sessions, we will focus on sit and downs stays with conflict, Sit and downs from a distance, longer recalls, focus with distractions, stand stays, perchwork (to help with back end awareness), and heeling.

These sessions will set you up to be able to start doing dog sports like Rally Obedience or Agility. The biggest goal for these sessions is to make sure that you are enjoying your time with your dog and that they are a well behaved member of your family. Please let me know if you are interested in these drop in sessions and I will contact you when the next date is available.

No more than 6 dogs per session.

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