Adolescent Classes

Adolescent (6-18 Months)  – Drop in Session 1 Hour ($30.00 per session)  

Your dog is now a teenager, and during that time, they are going to push their limits and try everything that they can to get what they want.

Whether it’s attention, food, or play time, let’s set them up with the right way to tell you they want it. These sessions will give you tips and tricks to use during those trying times to help you with teenage issues such as jumping up, rude behaviours, ‘catch me if you can’ recall problems, taking things they shouldn’t, and much more.

We will also build up more of your dog’s obedience including sit and down proofing, stays, leave it, recall, touch, focus with distractions and leash manners. Make it a fun time with your dog instead of a trying time. Please let me know if you are interested in these drop in sessions and I will contact you when the next date is available.

No more than 6 dogs per session.

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